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THREE Lessons, the "AHA" and the Distinction

This is the first contemplative essay I wrote in an attempt to further
understand the use of language and its impact on us. When I wrote this

I didn't know it would spark a series of essays. 

I have been intimately present through the entire birthing of The Wholly School (TWS) - a virtual space where student becomes teacher becomes student. A safe space to be vulnerable, explore, learn, grow with like-minded/hearted souls who share their gifts so we all can benefit.


My role, was amorphous from the day our Founder, Simcha, brought her dream to me and asked I be there through all to bring it into reality. I gladly jumped into the deep end with her and, now, we have a School that allows each of us to expand our awareness and perspective while we push ourselves to the edge to grow. 


As I reflect, I realize I was the birth doula for this amazing dream and opportunity. AND through this process many lessons have been offered to me for my growth and inner-reflection. The purpose of this Article is to share one of the most profound lessons with my community. In my attempt to share this with you, I have done my best to keep the “story” to a minimum and only sharing vulnerably … authentically … the golden nuggets - the wisdom - with you.




Have you ever considered the use of language; of words? Words have come to be codified - the dictionary provides an accepted meaning within a culture. The vibration they carry when spoken has been deeply imprinted through societal norms and structures. Words have a charge and can create a visceral reaction within our physical vessels. To know more about the affect the vibration of words have on us, read any of Masaru Emoto’s books about his work with word/vibration (he demonstrated the vibrational power of words using water). 


It is undeniable how words can impact us. There is more to a word than its accepted [dictionary] meaning … there is also the societal weight placed on certain words that has an allure as well.


A recent experience better informed my understanding of the power of a word - how easy it is to become attached to it, its accepted meaning, its vibrational meaning, its societal weight and how easily it is to attach to a word in order to bypass self exploration. 




Simcha and I were/are both committed to her birthing The Wholly School, creating the structure and providing a solid foundation for it to not only come into existence but to THRIVE. While she and I had spoken in the recent past about the desire for something like this to be in existence, the reality is this project has been in the brewing/developing process within Simcha for several years … it has been birthed by her and her channel.


When Simcha and I began creating the foundation and structure for her baby, we were necessarily vague about our roles to each other and within TWS. I say necessarily vague as we were developing structure organically through our individual intuitions and her channel. At first, I was the “right-hand woman” (HaHa). Then the role became more formalized as Co-founder. This came about organically and unintentionally.


                                   FIRST LESSON: While it is okay to be deliberately vague to allow an
                                   organic process - one must be INTENTIONAL when using language.




As the foundation, structure and processes have taken form, the need for our roles between ourselves and within TWS to be more solidly and intentionally redefined became apparent. 


Simcha brought to the table this need to redefine our roles … I was triggered. Instead of reacting from a place of fear, hurt or anger, I choose, instead to verbalize there was a lot coming up for me about this and I wanted time to sit with it … and myself. Instead of a reaction … I choose to be curious … 






“Founder” is one of those powerful words - both societally and vibrationally - it carries a certain accepted prestige within our society. The word founder originates in Middle English and means “original builder” There has never been any doubt, Simcha is the Founder of TWS. Where the reflection and lesson for me came was when the question was raised if co-founder was an accurate description of my role. 


I have to admit I felt, well rather, special, with having “co-founder” as a description of what I was to TWS. In all honestly, I was also smitten (hello, ego) with the societal prestige attached to that word. 


To add to the complexity of my relationship with the term co-founder, I was choosing to ignore the reality that it didn’t, clearly, describe my actual role. Additionally, I realize I was also being lazy about defining my role; it was simple to allow the co- to be placed. And it gave me a pass on actually doing the work of self exploration to see what was there for me. 


THIRD LESSON: Words can provide cover for self to bypass
the challenge of self definition.





I performed the sacred service of birth doula for Simcha by holding space, asking questions, sharing my intuition, sharing the development process, creating processes/structure/foundation, being a sounding board, etc. 


What I am now exploring is how to define this role into a single word … with intentionality, with clarity, with inner standing of the vibrational impact and, as best I can, without attachment. For I know TWS exists because I took a leap of faith and jumped into the deep end with a soul sister - to be there for her through the birthing process and beyond.




Founder, Simcha - she who ‘found’ The Wholly School through her experience, her intuition and her channel.  


Elder, Kes / The Crone - she who holds space, shares wisdom and provides ongoing support to all at TWS. 


Recognizing this is what feels right, in this NOW moment, knowing it likely will evolve.



As a wordsmith and artist of language this has been a profound and beautiful exploration of my trigger, the power of words and our attachment to them. 




  • Do you have an attachment to certain words? Why? How? 

  • What words, when spoken, have a negative/positive charge to them for you? Why?

  • What have you taken away from this sharing?

  • What have you learned about yourself? 

Published July 2021 | ©️All Rights Reserved

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