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She Is Woman (~8 March 2020)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

She is Woman

She is goddess, guardian, feminine

Nurturer - Creator Mother - Queen

She is of the Earth

Forests are her bones

Water is her blood

Air is her breath

She dances with fire

She is grandmother, ooljee', celestial

Teacher - Friend Weaver - Sister

She is of the night

Rhythmic waxing and waning

Renewing with every cycle

Emotions undulating with the oceans

She chases the sun

She is ancestor, transcendent, divine

Seeker - Matriarch Shape Shifter - Magician

She is of the womb

Birthing a new world

Nurturing a new generation

Forging a new path

She transmutes fear into courage

She is woman

Music: Evanescence, "Good Enough"

~8 March 2020


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