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Shadow and Light (~22 March 2020)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Shadow and Light

Hello fear. Hello panic. I acknowledge your existence.

You exist only in the shadows.

You sow discord and suspicion; yet you have only the power I choose to give you.

It takes but one moment of doubt for you to plant your seeds of discontent.

You take root slowly and surreptitiously.

Once rooted, you are insidious and pervasive.

For you are a slippery slope into the abyss of despair and scarcity.

You are the lowest vibration; enticing me to embrace my shadow self.

How easily it is to succumb, to once again become unconscious.

I understand you serve a purpose.

I can recognize and heed the forewarning and caution you provide without capitulating to you.

That is the reason I will allow you to join me on my travels; but know this: you do not make the decisions, you do not even influence them.

My decisions are made by my higher self in accordance with my dreams.

You cannot exist in the light.

When I become curious about you your power dissipates.

Surrendering to Source is the antidote to shadow, to fear, to panic.

It is this surrender which gives me strength to honor and give thanks to the shadow.

For this is why I turn to abundance, joy and gratitude and hold myself high.

~22 March 2020


© All Rights Reserved 2020

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