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Pivot and Accept: Ways of Being (~25 April 2019)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Tunnel - dark as tar Fighter - gloves off

Light isn’t an escape Punch after punch thrown

Light is a locomotive bearing down Never let up

Pivot they say A new perspective

Radical acceptance they counsel Forgiveness

Curve ball - unforeseen Fury - burns white hot within

Hard, fast and painful Fuels the fight

Dazed and confused Take no prisoners

Pivot they say Tenderness and peace

Radical acceptance they counsel Realize nothing’s personal

Wall of brick - impenetrable Powerful - overcome anything

Total paralysis A force to be reckoned with

Life at a standstill Brazen and unyielding

Pivot they say Any forward movement

Radical acceptance they counsel Quiet presence

Surrender - full and unconditional Strength - never give up

Down for the count Resilience: get up, dust off

Utterly disheartened Courage and bravery

Pivot they say Change of focus

Radical acceptance they counsel Practice self compassion

~25 April 2019


© All Rights Reserved 2019

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