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A day’s journey reaches completion

Restless of mind, weary of body

First moments of silence

Darkness softly envelopes, protects

Emanating serenity, solitude

Ethereal dusk

Welcoming, cocoon of transition

Quieting the mind, thoughts empty

Heavenly tranquility

Darkness a descending shroud, comforting

Transmutation begins, twilight

Light’s edge

External world slowing

Grounding oneself, internal harmony

Settling peacefully

Darkness an engulfing warm blanket, safety

Ancient knowing, alchemy

Shadow’s threshold

Instinctively releasing tension

Physical form melts, seamlessly

Activity unravels

Darkness a velvety veil, quieting

Movement abates, resolution

Flowing into night

Pray for stillness Conscious thoughts, dissipate

Worries evaporate

Darkness a soothing nothingness, grace

Divine presence, invocation

Penumbra of night

Limbo between worlds

Seclusion beckons, immersion

Hastening dream world

Darkness a womb of love, liminal space

Gateway between, gossamer

Intangible blackness

I am greeted as an old friend

Entreating my acquiescence

Prescient of the dawn

Darkness brings peace, calming

Glorious and primal, absolute darkness


~22 February 2023

©️All Rights Reserved 2023

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