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Life Dream (~5 October 2020)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Life Dream

In youth we dream of our life

Anticipating the look and feel of the dream

Sensing we have a contribution to bring

Youthful embrace of invincibility

Joyful in the sureness of our dream

Absolute belief in mastering the world

Nothing and no one will stop us

Secure in the knowledge we will triumph

Curiosity fuels our forward movement

Sparking our desire to learn and expand

Not understanding we have already chosen a path

Many twists, turns and choices are ahead of us

With only our intuition to guide

There is but a single guarantee

Source will be at our side each step of the way

Maturity brings authenticity and understanding

Fully realizing our contribution is to live our truth

There is serenity in this knowingness

Music: Regency Philharmonic Orchestra, "Dream On" (Originally Performed by Aerosmith)

~5 October 2020


© All Rights Reserved 2020

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