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I Am Fire (~22 March 2020)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I AM Fire

I am fire

I have been forged out of darkness, tempered by trials, tested by challenges, bloodied, beaten, body slammed by Spirit only to rise each time stronger than ever.

Willing to lean in, learn, heal, look deep, question, ask, hear and reach out for understanding, for completeness, for light.

Burning strong and beautiful. Deepest orange, yellow and red - ever red. Allowing fire to consume fears: fears of not being enough, fears of not being worthy, fears of scarcity.

Affirming my authentic self is enough. Affirming Spirit walks with me. Affirming the universe is infinite and provides infinite resources.


Music: Phoenix Rising, "Running Scared"

Video & Imagery: Kesler Ernest

~22 March 2020


© All Rights Reserved 2020

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