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Home (~25 September 2020)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022


My inner knowing gently speaks

From deep within

Informing me I’m out of alignment, off balance not centered

I heard a voice

Out of the quiet recesses

It surprises me

Surfacing seemingly out of the blue

I want to go home

Not the first time I’ve heard this

It comes at times of uncertainty

At times of feeling untethered

In times of upheaval

This is a reminder to find center

Where am I untethered?

Where am I unsettled?

A reminder to drop into heart

I want to go home

My voice directs me home

To self, to authenticity

To truth of spirit, to balance

Guiding me back to center

I am home

Music: Bliss, "A Hundred Thousand Angels"

Video: Kesler Ernest

~25 September 2020


© All Rights Reserved 2020

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