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Gentle and Strong (~19 June 2019)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Gentle and Strong

Soft brown eyes melt my heart

Gentle as a summer rain

Soothing presence of strength

Gentle in spirit; strong in body

Tall, regal, princely

Spirit as feee as the wind

Pure joy; complete acceptance

Soft nuzzles of love

Just the two of us - magical

All the world washes away

Two dancers in sync

My soul sings

You could count on me

Complete trust in you

Still gentle in spirit and strong in body

Too gentle to have meant to hurt

Yet you did

You changed - I don’t recognize you

Where did you go on that day

Why didn’t you trust me as I trusted you

We must say goodbye

Forever gentle in spirit and strong in body

Farewell my beloved, my Jake

I miss you beyond words

Music: Hans Zimmer, "Run Free"

Video & Imagery: Kesler Ernest

~19 June 2019


© All Rights Reserved 2019

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