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Older Work

This section is dedicated to some of my early work. All I ask is that you read these early pieces with grace and compassion for the burgeoning writer who crafted them.

What Will Be

Waiting; Painful; Tortuous 
Sublime surrender to what is
          What will be

Remembering; Wishful; Sweetness 
Sensual exhale to what is
          What will be  

Imagining; Carefree; Tenderness 
Satisfied contentment to what is
         What will be

~1 April 2006

Confused, searching for answers
Wanting clarity, yet fearing it
Anxiety swelling, bubbling up
          from my stomach to my throat

~5 April 2006


Spoken often, little meaning 
Taken to heart, then broken
Pieces to pick up, time and again 
Deep breath, wishful thoughts 
          ... of what might have been

~19 May 2006


Upper Manhattan 
Dream of some, reality to many 
Continuous motion, hustle here and there
Energy never ending, rhythmic movement 
Night turns to day turns to night
City as any other
          restaurants, construction, work
City as no other
          Times Square, Empire, Carnegie
Manhattan - The City

~July 2006


Never far from my heart 
Shadows of you on my mind 
Phantom feelings of your touch 
You were here, if only for a moment


Thoughts of you; my heart sings
Sweetness on my lips
Your touch tingles my skin
You are here, if only for a moment 

Within my heart, you are etched 
Daydreaming of the future 
Yearning for a lifetime of touches
Are you here to stay?

~February 2006


I’ve met you before 
A lifetime ago, each were someone else
I recognize your eyes, softening at
          your memory of me 

I’ve met you before
Long ago in another world
I recognize your touch, reminiscent of
          ghostly memories 

I’ve met you before
A mirror of my soul, within myself
I recognize your pain, your agony 
         deep within

I’ve met you before
Somewhere in time
I recognize your soul, the
          completion of mine

~15 April 2006

Soul Mates

Lifelong search satisfied 
Recognition of souls once met
Hearts sing for the other 
Sublime oneness from two
Contentment with silent understanding 
Mirrors to each, yet not exact
Calm knowing of love found 
Surrender to the greater whole 
Halves completing each other
Divine creation of a perfect union ...
          Soul Mates

~20 April 2006


Two asynchronous souls longing 
          for discovery

Soul mate, figment of my imagination 
Surprising intensity for the brevity 
          of time together

Soul mate, illusions of the heart 
With depth and permanence 

Soul mate, wistful wanderings of dream time

 Leaving an indelible mark 
          on heart and mind

~27 May 2006


He came into my life with a smile and a word: “Cheers”. I allowed myself to be swept off my feet; he obliged.

Our time together was precious and short: two souls, whose paths briefly intersected, fused, then separated and continued down the path only Spirit understands. 

Both enriched by the other’s presence, both pained by the conclusion. Neither wanting to move forward, but understanding that is all there is to do. 

He yearns to know himself and his purpose; this will not be an easy or painless journey and it is one he must travel alone. I am unsure if our paths will ever cross again (crossing paths again was not meant to be) I’ve moved on and will forever be grateful for the interlude. 

My life has been filled with joy and happiness, for the person I have chosen to spend it with is, above all else a gentleman. Gentle, loving and grateful for my presence, he is someone I would not have found had it not been for my past. 

Every person I have been blessed to meet and have part of my life has helped me find myself, my purpose and desires.

Thank you to those who have been there through it all and those who are just coming into my life. To you, I have not the words to express my eternal gratitude.

~August 2006

Renewed Joy

Trembling and shaking 
Realization washes over me
My body aches with remembrance 
Undulating pain of memory mixed
          with unmet desire

Desire is insufficient 
Emotions crash over one another 
My body aches with remembrance
Waves of disbelief splits my
          heart wide open

Heart struggles to heal
Time stands still, marching on
My body aches with remembrance
Paralyzed with fear, hesitant to
          move on in life

Fear and hope intertwine 
Mind reeling in the chaos 
My body aches with remembrance
Resolution infused with hope
          brings a hint of renewed joy

~April 2006

I Woke

I woke, smiled, stretched
Your touch fresh on my skin
The taste of your kiss lingers
You are not here - was it a dream?

Memories flood my consciousness
Remembering your embrace
Echoes of your voice remains
You are not here - are you a dream?

apparition in my awareness, yet
Footprints in the snow confirm your existence
Footprints in the snow confirm your presence here
Footprints in the snow are fleeting

~January 2006


I woke to your sweet smell 
          on my pillow 

Watching you breathe 

          the breath of the satiated

Ingraining the image into my
          most intimate memories 

Where are you, as I am
          silently slipping into 
          sweet slumber?

~30 March 2006

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