Older Work

I began writing because it was expected of me - my elementary teachers required journal entries, Junior High School expanded this requirement to include creative essays and High School introduced me to poetry.

This compulsory introduction to the power of words and their ability to express my thoughts, opinions and, most importantly, my inner-most world was liberating. I became a prolific reader and writer. Until recently, only my academic and business work was shared with others.

Unfortunately, I do not have my earliest poetry; however, I recently found poems I created in 2006. My writing shifted to mostly journal entries between 2006 and 2019. I began writing both short stories poetry again in 2019 as a way to make sense of a period of great personal and familial tragedy.

In early 2020, I entered a circle of powerful, magical and creative women; the interaction with these women and the way we interacted - sharing ourselves authentically and vulnerably, quite literally ignited my creativity to a new level.


Through this interaction of others and self sparked the expression of my words through self-narration and adding imagery and music to create the feeling I want to convey to  my audience.


But, I have gotten ahead of myself! This section is dedicated to some of my early work. All I ask is that you read these early pieces with grace and compassion for the burgeoning writer who crafted them.