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Life in Narrative
A Myriad Stories

Curious how life is a series of stories.

Memories are merely stories within our mind. Stored carefully and protectively to be recalled, or not. Each with its own plot and subplots. With a hero/heroine and a villain, of sorts. Each story is a single episode, or a series of episodes. The sum total of all the stories create what we call our life. 

Out of curiosity about who and why I am, I have begun to capture these memories - both good and bad - in the form of  narrative. I find the process of writing story, as I do with writing poetry, to be cathartic and healing.

Writing story allows me to meander through my library of memories like one meanders through an antique store; surveying the whole, moving deliberately through the myriad items. Picking up this or that, examining it and placing it back, or taking it with you.

My mind is an interesting place. I am still learning the method of cataloging my memories. I often find large gaps - months or years - where I have no memory to recall. Sometimes the memory is a jumble of similar events that occurred around the same time.

For this reason, I have surrendered, mostly, the need to write my stories with specific accuracy. Instead, I have embraced the desire to convey the feelings and thoughts about the memory accurately.

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