Notebook and Pen

Kesler Jo Ernest

Multimedia Poet

I AM youthful at heart and outlook, a matriarch, a wife and caregiver, a mother, a grandmother, a "recovering" denizen of the corporate world and a seeker.

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Storyteller at Heart

I use my creativity as a meditative practice; an outlet to express myself and my experiences in ways I am unable to otherwise.


I have many creative outlets: from how I adorn myself with clothes, jewelry/accessories and cosmetics to sketching, coloring and writing. 

All of which, added to working with my animals, keeps me sane!

So many ways to express myself - Poetry, Multi-media poetry, prose, story, imagery, etc.

Old Documents


I am continually creating and expressing my inner world and experiences. 

I not only express myself through written word alone. I also create an audio-visual experience for my audience.

I feel expression of my work is at its fullest when I add imagery, music and narrate the poem.



Short stories and more.

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"Life presents us with unexpected twists and turns. The measure of our success is not merely navigating them, but in navigating them with grace, serenity and determination."

 Kesler Jo Ernest (August 2015)

Desk with Book